What to Consider Before a Home Extension

The scope of house extensions can vary according to your requirements but there is a lot of groundwork to be laid before you can proceed with the project such as getting the required approvals, selecting a reliable contractor to work with you and maintaining a budget.

To see whether proceeding with the extension is a good idea, you have to consider how much the value of the property will be boosted due to this. You can look into similar local residences to see what they are valued at and how much of an increase that is from your current home value. There are many approvals that are involved with residential home extensions Melbourne. This is something that the renovation company can help you with. Make sure that you get building approval for the extension. There are minimum requirements that are set out for certain aspects of building regulations such as fire safety, ventilation, dampproofing, structural integrity etc. These are there to ensure the building is safe for the occupants and the people around.

You have to consider the scope of the project at the beginning. You may need to find materials that are similar to what you already have in the existing property if you want to match the extension to what is already built. This can be quite difficult as some finishes may be discontinued and there can be slight colour and pattern differences that can stick out. So sometimes, having an extension that is contrasting will be a good option. This way, the finishes of the two units will not be compared. You also need to select an experienced designer for the house extension. These can be specialist designers, builders, architects etc. You can ask for recommendations for such professionals from friends and family. Make sure that you search online for these companies as well so that you can go through online reviews and comments. You will also need a surveyor if you are building a new foundation or having a party wall structure. You also need to check if there is a sewer running below the new extension. This will be a concern if you are extending horizontally.

And you have to think about how much you are extending the house. While people tend to prefer spacious areas, sometimes you may go a little beyond what is comfortable when it comes to space. You have to be very specific about why you want an extension and the activities that will be accommodated in the extended area. You can work with a builder specialising in extensions to pinpoint the exact extra space you need to live comfortably in the house. Having too much space can increase building costs and it will add to maintenance as well. Think about how the new extension can improve the efficiency of your home. If your existing home is not thermally efficient, then a thermally efficient new storey will not make a big difference. You need to improve the efficiency of both units to bring down your utility bills.


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