What Is Video Marketing and Why Is It Important?

In basic terms video marketing refers to using video content to convey your brand and message to your segmented audience. Video marketing isn’t only about selling a product or sales it can be used as a powerful tool to engage customers and build a relationship with them.

If given a choice between a graphic novel and a one without any visuals, majority would pick the graphic novel because humans are known to be visual beings. The daily number of people watching videos on YouTube and Facebook videos are off the charts.

Why use Video Marketing?

Highly effective

Videos are one of the best tools to convey a message. Rather than using text which can bore some customers out, when you make a short video all they have to do is watch.

It is also a known fact that a video helps understand some things better because and helps user retain information better than any other media tool.

High Conversion Rates

If you ask a person who shops online whether they prefer a text review or video review of a product before purchase, most of them would go for the video version.

What’s even better is that after a video demo consumer are more likely to buy the device or look for more information about it. So, for example if we take a school that has a landing page which isn’t getting much traffic an engaging video can easily solve this issue. When it comes to a school video marketing campaign, interviews with academics and alumni is a great way to reach out to the audience and build trust.Videos for schools are one of the most cost-efficient ways to promote your services.

Easily Accessible

You can easily post a video on Facebook or YouTube. The number of users on each platform are in the millions. Even reaching a fraction of that is more than enough.

Videos are also great to boost search engine results. Search engines has the ability to transcribe the video and display it to the necessary audience.

Videos can tap into human emotions. Ever watched a sad video and immediately teared up? This is exactly what I’m talking about. Human connection is vital to promote your brand and build that long-term relationship.

What are the different types of Videos?

These are just a few examples of the type of videos that can be used for marketing.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can either be short or long and it depends on the message you want to send across. If you want to just let them know that this product is out there and this what it offers, then a short quick video is ideal. If you are looking for a detailed review with the goal of getting the consumer to buy the product at the end of the video go for a longer video.


How to Videos

You can make a general video of how to do something and in between you can promote your product or use it to accomplish the task.

This shows the user the importance of your product and makes them aware of what it can do.

This is just a quick guide on video marketing. It is not a new concept but with the accessibility increasing we need to start paying more attention to this form of marketing.


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