What Causes Your Google Rankings to Drop

There are many reasons for your website rankings to drop. When this happens, you have to keep calm and look for solutions. If there are some issues that your site is facing, there is a possibility that your website has been penalised by Google. This can cause an overnight drop in rankings. You will be able to get answers on what has happened by checking the Google Webmaster Tools account that will have notifications regarding the actions taken against your website.

You have to examine why your rankings have dropped and start to solve it. If you are working with an SEO company, they will be able to help you out and clarify what has happened. Sometimes the rankings can drop due to issues on-page such as poor quality content and links. Duplicate content is one such reason. If there are manual penalties, you need to submit a reconsideration request. You have to keep tracking your links to minimise the risk of being penalised by Google. Sometimes, there will not be a big drop in rankings; the change will be slight. In this case, one of your competitors may have outranked you and claimed a position about you in the search results. You have to keep monitoring your competition to understand what strategies they are using to maintain high Google rankings. Make sure you track competition to keep updated on their link building strategies and content. If you see a steady incline in their rankings, that means they are doing something right. You need to understand what the competition is doing so that you can differentiate from their tactics and stand out.

When there are on-page issues, there will be a demotion for the site and you will note that your ranking doesn’t rise even with continued SEO efforts. There are many tools that you can use to get a better understanding of the issues you have and how to fix them. Sometimes the rankings can drop due to the site being hacked. Check the Google webmaster tools to see what has happened. If your site has lost links, this can cause a slow or a big drop in the rankings. You have to check how many links have been lost in the last 90 days. You will need to check each link separately to see why they have been lost. Sometimes they may have been removed intentionally if they have been deemed unnatural links. There is special software that you can use to track the lost links; this will give you information by constantly monitoring link velocity.

Sometimes, Google will update their algorithm which can cause a change in rankings. You can look for news on possible updates to understand exactly what has been changed so you can apply it to your own website. You have to check how your site is violating the guidelines and adapt accordingly. You should focus on your product and have professionals deal with technical issues faced by the site. Sometimes the rankings will drop due to a Google flux. If everything on the page is looking fine without any issues related to competitors, linking, on-page errors etc. then the drop may be due to a flux and your rankings will go back up in a few days.


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