Top Tips to Remember On Your First Day at University

The transition from high school touniversity is a major one that can be life-changing. The place that has beenfamiliar to you ever since you were a kid is no longer the place that you willbe attending every morning. It’s time to move on from the comfortable, familiarhigh school environment and step into the real world where university studentscook their own meals, do their laundry, make money doing part time jobs whiletrying to keep up with their academics. Here are a few tips to remember on yourfirst day at university.

Dress to Impress

Keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression! No matter how tired you are and how sleepy you feel, there is no need to create an unpleasant impression by dressing shabbily. Make sure you pack your best clothes and shoes while also ensuring that they are comfortable enough to wear throughout the semester. Groom yourself well by doing your hair neatly and you could wear makeup if you feel the need to do so. You could even do some pre university shopping and buy some new clothes to wear throughout the year. Shop online for Alias Mae heels & shoes to find some trendy yet comfortable footwear to make sure you look glamorous while ensuring comfort too.

Increase Your Pace

It’s time to move on from the highschool phase of your life and enter the fast moving world that exists withinyour university walls. Do not expect your lecturers to spoon feed all thedetails and be lenient with you like your school teachers used to be. Atuniversity, it’s each man for himself. In a class filled with hundreds ofstudents, the lecturer probably doesn’t even know you exist. So don’t expectthem to follow up with your work or provide you with special attention. So makesure you pull up your socks and start doing your prep work in advance so thatyou can keep up with the class and understand what is being taught during thelesson.

Interaction Is Essential

This isn’t like high school whereyou end up becoming best friends with the girl you once hated. In university,it’s all about interacting with people and figuring out the ones that are worthkeeping and the ones who happen to have similar interests as you. You cannotexpect people to come after you and try to attempt being friends. Instead, youmust initiate conversations too and try to socialize with different groups tofind out which ones you feel most comfortable with. You could even participatein various events and college festivals where you get the opportunity to meetpeople from different universities as well thus allowing you to expand yourfriend’s circle.

On your first day at university,there are going to be a number of things on your mind. You might feel confusedand lost in this huge, unfamiliar building that you will have to attend for thenext few years. But keep in mind that with time, you will start feeling likethis place is your second home and make sure you take every opportunity you getto make your university experience a memorable one!


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