Tips for Safe Towing and Travelling

A person who has yet to embark on their first-ever caravan adventure may find the idea of towing to be somewhat intimidating. To make it easier and more pleasurable, though, all you need to do is follow a few straightforward pieces of advice, and you’ll be hauling like an expert.

Check, recheck, and then check some more- Before setting out on any trip, check that your gear is secure and suitable for travel. Verify that the tyres of both the car and the caravan are filled to the appropriate pressure, check to see that all of the lights are operational, and ensure that the hitch is attached appropriately. redarc tow pro switch insert will help you achieve this with ease. Before you start driving away, you should always make sure that the breakaway cable is properly fastened, that the stabilizer head is lowered and that the handbrake is released. If you have a list that you go through before the start of each trip, you can ensure that nothing significant will be forgotten, even if some people might think that doing so is excessive.

Load safely- It is simple to bring too much stuff in your caravan, particularly if you’re going to go on a trip with your family for weeks on end. Make sure that you are not over the Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) of the van. This is the maximum amount of weight that you are allowed to carry when it is completely stuffed with cargo. It is not simply a matter of how much total weight there is in the caravan but also how it is distributed across the vehicle. When loading the caravan, make sure that the heavy goods are loaded first so that they may be placed on the trunk door and as near to the back axle as feasible.

Prepare for the future- When travelling with a caravan, the path that initially seems to be the shortest and most direct may not necessarily be the one that ends up being the most convenient. There are a lot of campgrounds out there, and most of them have suggested routes for the final few kilometres that they detail on their websites. This is because getting there on the most direct route isn’t necessarily the most convenient.

Smooth Driving- Towing a caravan is not the same as normal driving; this is obvious to everyone who has done it before. You will feel minor nudges and prods from the caravan, and you’ll be able to see it shifting ever-so-slightly in your rearview mirror. It is only going to become worse if you react to every little movement with furious steering corrections and try to correct them. Instead, you should focus on maintaining comfortable and smooth steering, braking, and acceleration. Small modifications with the steering wheel ought to be all that is necessary if your vehicle and van are a good fit for one another if they are loaded sensibly, and if you are driving at a suitable pace.


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