The Student’s Guide To Surviving On A Budget

Getting an admission to your dream college might seem like a difficult task, but the actual task starts once you get that admission and begin your journey as a student. Being a student is not an easy task! From parental pressure to peer pressure to the constant deadlines and the need to maintain one’s social life is always present. To top it all off, all of this must be accomplished within a specific budget. Very rarely do students get the opportunity to spend lavishly as they wish. Here are a few tips to improve your saving skills and help you survive within a specific budget.

Get A Job!

This may sound like a tough task especially with all those deadlines and exams that you have to deal with each semester. However, this is the only way you’ll be able to survive in university. Your parents might be paying for your education but you cannot expect them to pay for your personal expenses as well. So, try to get a job as soon as possible and if you can, try working extra shifts too, in order to get some extra cash.

Sort Out Your Mode Of Transportation

As a student, you might get several benefits such as discounted train or bus passes and sometimes, universities also provide shuttle services. However, each city differs from the other. In some places, the train passes can be quite expensive whereas other cities have really cheap public transport. Work out the cheapest and most efficient transportation method that works best for you. If you manage to save a little money, you could even find a used truck for sale or any small vehicle that will help you get around to places easily while ensuring you don’t spend too much money on public transport.

Deposit The Extra Cash

As soon as you get your salary each month, make it a habit to deposit a small percentage to your bank account and make sure you do not touch this money unless the situation really demands it and you happen to be starving. Keep this money as your savings and adding a small amount to this account each day will go a long way as you will have managed to save a good amount by the end of the year.

Make Use Of Student Benefits

Although universities tend to charge a large amount of money from their students, they also provide a number of benefits that can make the lives of students much easier than they anticipated. Make use of student benefit cards by eating at places that offer great meal deals for students. In addition, various department stores offer discounts for students too. Apart from this, public transport also has special prices for students. So make use of these benefits and you will surely manage to save a great deal of money on a daily basis.

If you happen to be a student who has just enrolled into university, then these tips can prove to be lifesavers because you are bound to encounter situations wherein you need to save money and work within a budget in order to survive. So keep these tips in mind if you wish to avoid going broke before the end of the month.


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