How To Properly Care for Your Dog’s Clippers

Caring for a dog could be difficult at times. You need to feed them, play with them, train them and groom them on a regular basis. If you neglect to clip your pet’s hair and nails on a regular basis, their long hair and nails can cause irritation, itching, skin infections, and severely matted fur, to name a few issues.

Grooming your dog mainly comprise of clipping your dog’s hair and trimming their nails. With that said, you must constantly take care of your dog’s fur and nails to ensure their well-being. Investing in a good quality clipper would help you groom your furry friend like a pro. Since some of these clippers could be really costly, you should also learn how to properly care for them.

Thoroughly clean the clippers

Clippers that are not thoroughly clean would not function well. Accumulated pieces of fur stuck in the clippers would obstruct the cutting process in the future. The more fur that gets stuck in the clippers, the sooner they will cease operating.

You would not be able to get your money’s worth since you would only be able to use the clippers for a short period of time. This could be easily avoided if you just clean your dog clippers carefully and brush away any excess fur with a brush. Maintaining the clippers in good working order would make them last longer.

Lubricate the clippers frequently

Once you purchase pet clippers, you need to take care of it if you want it to last. Caring for it includes ensuring any undesired materials on clippers are removed. Furs, dirt and any other debris decreases the efficiency of the clippers.

After each dog clipping session, make sure to wipe the blade properly and to prevent corrosion and extend the life of the blade, wipe away any undesirable residue with blade wash. Subsequently, lubricating the clippers would prevent rusting.

Check the cable and cords for nicks

If the clipper you bought is not cordless, you have to double check the cable and cords for nicks. A clipper with damaged cable or cord could result in an electric shock. Once your dog experienced electrocution from a faulty clipper, grooming them would be difficult since they would fear the clipper. With this in mind, check the clipper for any such flaws before using it.

Check other parts meticulously

Before each usage, inspect the blade drive, lock, and hinge to ensure that they are in good operating order and that no parts are missing, damaged, or rusted. If your clipper uses a snap-on functioning system, be sure it is properly snapped on before using it on your dog.

Have a backup clipper

Since clippers are machines that can stop working at any time even in the middle of a grooming session, it’s always a good idea to have a backup clipper on hand in case the one you’re using malfunction.

Now that you understand why clipper maintenance is so important, follow these simple guidelines to maintain a flawless cut every time.


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