How to Choose a Warehousing and Logistics Service

It is important to have efficient logistics and warehousing to ensure to success of your business operation. And choosing the right service provider will have a big impact on the efficiency of your supply chain.

You have to define the requirements of your business

When it comes to choosing a warehousing and logistics company. Some of the factors that should be taken into consideration are your order fulfilment requirements, limitations for budget, inventory volume and storage requirements. You have to consider your geographical coverage as well. These factors will help you narrow down the options. Consider the experience and expertise of the service providers when it comes to your industry. If they have worked with businesses in your industry before, they will have a better idea of your distribution channels and type of products shipped. You can ask them to provide you with references so that you can reach out to their previous clients to get an idea of customer satisfaction and their commitment to quality. You  need to consider their track record when it comes to logistics and whether they use advanced technology to improve efficiency of operations. You can ask them about their transportation management system and warehouse management system to get an idea of how they streamline inventory management and track shipments. Ask whether they have any other software used for order processing and ensuring a seamless supply chain.

A company that invests in robust infrastructure

And advanced technology will be able to support your current requirements and also accommodate future needs when your business grows and expands. You can ask them for more information about their transportation network, equipment and warehouse facilities. You have to evaluate their fulfilment centres and distribution centres to check whether they can accommodate the geographic coverage you have in mind. Ask them about their transportation hubs and whether they are able to reach your target markets with ease. You need to consider their ability to provide timely deliveries to ensure customer satisfaction. The service level agreements will outline the terms and conditions of the logistic provider’s services and you need to review this so that you understand the level of commitment they put forth regarding customer support, performance metrics, service levels etc. You have to consider order accuracy, inventory accuracy and whether this aligns with your business goals.

The scalability of the logistics service provider

Has to be considered as you may experience rapid growth in your business or seasonal fluctuations. For example, you will need to ship a higher volume of products during certain seasons and this will require the service provider to scale up their operations. They should be able to accommodate changes in the inventory volumes, product demand and distribution channels. Consider the flexibility of the service provider when it comes to customising their services so that they can meet your business requirements. Ask them to provide their pricing structure and this should include transportation costs, handling fees, additional charges and storage fees.


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