Different Types of Shelving for Storage

Different types of storage are required by different types of businesses. Shelving plays an integral part instorage and is vital for a smooth flow of products from storage to use. You need to be able to find a type of shelving that is affordable, easily installable and durable all at once. Different types of shelving cater to different types of products. There are various designs, styles and shelving available in the market. Some are of course in par with industry standards and others are not so. Let us take a look at some of the different types of shelving you can look for in the market.

Steel Shelving

This type of shelving is, of course, the most common type of shelving in the industry. Its reputation for reliability and durability make it a preferred choice for most businesses. It is relatively inexpensive and is even available in used and unused variants. Steel shelving is used to store a lot of heavy-duty items as it is certainly sturdy enough to take the brunt of the same. This type of shelving can be organized as floor units or even as high-rise shelves depending on your requirements. Steel shelving is also known to be adjustable and highly versatile in terms of the various applications you can use it for. There are two forms of steel shelving and they are the clip style steel shelves or nut-and-bolt type steel shelves. Clip style shelves are the more common types of steel shelves as they are more adjustable while the nut-and-bolt types need tools to adjust.

Rivet Shelving

This is also a very versatile and durable type of shelving. It can be easily set up and assembled and used for mass storage. Rivet shelving is a reliable type of shelving for heavy duty materials. You would have the option of wire shelving which would make the whole thing more resistant to variances in temperature and the natural elements. These types of products can be found on betterstorage.com.au and can even be ordered online after careful assessment.

Wire Shelving

When you need your shelving to have some good visibility then this would be an ideal option for you. Wire shelving also promotes the circulation of air in your warehouse and ensures your stored items won’t have a musky smell associated with a prolonged absence of air. Wire shelving is also easier to maintain as they don’t suffer from dust collection and can be quite easily cleaned unlike other conventional forms of shelving. To top it all off it is also one of the easier types of shelving to assemble.

Bulk Rack Shelving

Despite the name it is not used to store bulky items, on the contrary, it is used to store lightweight materials. Smaller types of materials would be the ideal option for this type of shelving. These even come in mobile variants where you can easily transport these shelves with the materials you want to a location convenient for you. This type of shelving is also renowned for its easy installation.



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