Characteristics of a Commercial Painter

Commercial painting is different from residential painting both in the scope of work and size of the project. This difference carries through not just in the way a commercial painter gets about his work but also in the type of training and certifications held.

Typically, a commercial painter will work for a commercial painting contractor – an organization that carries out large-scale painting projects for commercial establishments that will put their training and experience to good use. Because commercial painting projects are large in scope requiring multiple painters and several other workers with various project-related skills you will not find commercial painters who work on their own. If you were to run a search in your area, for example, commercial painters Brisbane vs residential painters Brisbane you will notice the difference in the results generated. Commercial painters will always be a business entity while residential/home painting will also produce individual painter details.  

A commercial painter is required to demonstrate greater attention to timelines and deadlines as they work within a larger team of professionals to complete the job assigned within budget. Commercial painting jobs often have multifaceted requirements depending on the state of the building, like surface preparation,which can be more complex compared to a home paint project. Therefore, a commercial painter’s level of knowledge and training aboutpreparing a building’s surface for painting, the type of material that should be used and the types of tools used in the trade, in general, is higher compared to that of a home painter.

As cities progress and modernize, so do their structures and buildings. Buildings today are not what they were a decade ago. The architecture, textures and the materials used, the colour combinations and even their use and purpose are different. These changes present skilled commercial painters with both an opportunity and challenge to keep abreast of new developmentsto help with their maintenance.

There is both an art and science to commercial painting and commercial painters embody both these characteristics for their craft is about ensuring the maintenance and longevity of a building using a host of tools and materials while balancing the building’s aesthetic appeal. A keen eye for detail and precision are good commercial painter qualities that ensure the work is completed as per brief to client satisfaction, the first time, with no necessity to re-do or alter, saving time, money, and effort for their client.

For the reasons mentioned above, commercial painters are an integral part of a city’s commercial infrastructural look and feel and upkeep and work with a range of professionals including architects, civil engineers, various local and international material and tools suppliers, developers, and construction companies. Commercial painters are called in to help the building present its best to the world.

The best commercial painters stay relevant in their profession by constantly updating themselves with new materials available, learning and adopting more efficient processers and tools and staying up to date with legal, and municipal requirements as well as those required by industry governing bodies.


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