A List Of Dos And DON’T’s For The Time After You Leave College

If you’ve just graduated college, then this list of DO’s and DON’T’s is exclusively for you.


The DOs

  • Take this time seriously. It’s true that you will need to take a breath and reflect; make sure you’re going in the right direction. However, taking too long to reflect is not a great idea.


  • Take a look at your social media platforms. Give it a proper weeding. Most companies nowadays do a background check on you, and your social media platforms are a sure thing for them to check out. Especially pay attention to the public details like your profile pictures and your information. It’s also a good idea to update your contact information if you already have it out there.

  • Use social media wisely. Like we mentioned above, have a care with what you have shared. At the same time, use your time online wisely. Keep yourself updated with the current trends in your chosen field, as well as the current news. Have a LinkedIn profile that will make you more accessible to headhunters.


  • Take a few extra classes that will propel you above the rest. Remember that there are thousands of others like you who are job hunting, so you need to provide your potential employees with something that not many others have. Language skills are a great skill to hone. Apart from that, you could even try your hand at professional website design.


  • Buy yourself a few interview-worthy outfits. This means clean cut suits or even a well-tailored shirt and pants. For the ladies, a sharp pencil skirt will do just as nice.


  • Keep yourself looking presentable at all times. Get your hair cut, do your nails, maintain good hygiene in general. Remember that when it comes to interviews, most people take you in face value; and first impressions are, unfortunately, lasting.


  • Hold a positive note. Job hunting isn’t easy, no matter what your professors told you. It takes time, so be patient and try to stay positive.

The DON’T’s

  • If you were given money as graduation gifts, don’t waste it. The times to come might be tough, so save it for then. Of course, you should buy yourself something from it¾but make sure it’s well worth its


  • Compare yourself with others. Their speed in securing a job has nothing to do with you or your qualifications. Things will happen in their own time, and often, you’ll understand that it was for the better.


  • Avoid portraying yourself as perfect in social media. Always read/watch things through before sharing them. Even if you were rejected or had a bad experience with a certain company in interviews, it’s still best to avoid bad mouthing them in your social media platforms¾it portrays you in a bad light as well…


  • Resist tying yourself down with large financial commitments. Whether it’s to buy yourself your dream vehicle or it’s to buy yourself your first home, wait until you have secured your job to do so. The reason for it is simple; you never know where your job will take you. is there a point in buying yourself a house when you might get a dream job in another city? Of course, commitments like marriage cannot be put off or avoided. However, here too it pays to be cautious.
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