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    1. Hard cover and soft cover books, although identical, have different ISBN Numbers.
    2. The full title of the book must be entered when searching by title. Searching "Computer" will not bring up the results for books with a title "The Computer".

Before you buy your books brand new, check if the Secondhand Bookshop has it in stock. You will save at least 30% of what you would pay for a new book. Once you have established what textbooks you need then it is time to search our online database.

If you are unsure of the textbooks you need, visit the UNE Textbook Information

Please note that the Secondhand Bookshop has a no return policy - it is your responsibility to make sure the books you are purchasing are still on the required reading list.

Textbooks can be purchased in person at the Secondhand Bookshop, or by email. Contact details top left of this page.  Please include your telephone number in any emails.