Graduation order

Graduation Order Process.

You have the option of placing an order on line, or by mail order. Please note that payment in full is required at time of placing order. For on line payment we use the National Australia Bank secure internet payment service.


Services UNE has a wide range of gowns, bonnets, trenchers, hoods and stoles for hire in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of graduands. By filling out your Graduation Services Order Form as early as you can, will not only help us, but will be good for your own peace of mind.

You are required to pay a hire fee with the order and a refundable deposit to ensure the academic dress you require is waiting for your pick up on graduation day.

Orders will not be processed without full payment of the hire fee and deposit.

It is NOT a good idea to leave things to chance and hope there will be something available on the day as there may be nothing left in your size or to the specification you need.

Should you wish to cancel up to 10 days before graduation a full refund is available. Any later than that and you receive the deposit fee only and forfeit the hire fee.

We would really appreciate early notice if you have a change of plans as it gives us a chance to offer the graduation gear to others who might want it.

Hired academic dress should be returned by 3pm on Graduation Day, otherwise the deposit is forfeited. After 72 hours it will be assumed the items have been stolen and appropriate action will be taken.


Should you wish to purchase your academic dress, fill out the Graduation Services Order Form and submit. At the end of this 6 step process you will have the option to pay online OR print out and mail your requirements to us.

Remember to place your orders early as they must be received at least 6 weeks prior to the ceremony to ensure availability.

Click Graduation Services Order Form  and fill in your details. At the end of this 6 step process you will have the option to pay online OR print out and mailorder your requirements to us.

In step 3 you have the option to Hire or to Purchase.

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